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Thomas Gross AB

Visiting address:

Stockholm Leadership Institute

Vasagatan 11, first floor,


Phone direct +46 (0) 70 735 46 33

Office phone +46 (0) 8 658 61 00

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In close cooperation with our clients we deliver improvement in the areas of communication, teamwork and personal leadership.



Enhanced performance in Leadership & teamwork via improved communication & insight.



Professionality, Integrity & Fun (PIF).


Focus areas, track record

Thomas Gross AB: - Leadership, - Communication, - Team dynamics.

Established in 1990. Working together with industries such as finance/banking, energy, retail, telecom, media, law, heavy industry, insurance, construction, production etc. Clients on request.


In cooperation with the network at Stockholm Leadership institute we cover areas as: - Personality tests, Strategy, - Leading change, - Feedback, - Everyday leadership, - Organization.