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Thomas Gross, Senior Partner Stockholm Leadership Institute.


Thomas Gross is specialized in leadership development and personal leadership communication. He is also one of the most appreciated speakers and leadership consultants in Sweden.


Thomas drive is to enhance communication, personal sales, rhetorical skills, leadership and team dynamics in a corporate environment; doing all this in a measureable way.


In 2004, he launched IDL™ (Individual Declaration of Leadership) – An method to gain insights, to rethink and to communicate each individuals leadership style and the underlying philosophy behind it.


Thomas Gross works in both English and Swedish. He leads workshops and is a frequent speaker in seminars at SSE ExEd Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education and the Swedish Management Group (Mgruppen). Together with actor Anna Lena Brundin author of Rampfeber (Ekerlids förlag); for public speakers on the subject -rhetorical skills.


Thomas is the founder of the leadership programme TOB™ (Team On Board™) – Leadership and communication with the racing yacht as a platform. 


He works as a speaker, workshop leader, program director, consultant and speech writer.


Privately Thomas is a family man, dog owner, skier and yachtsman (one world cup gold medal and several Swedish championship medals) … - and of course he is a great fan of AIK.



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